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Granada Cathedral | An architectural gem from the Spanish Renaissance

Witness the Granada Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Granada, Spain. This awe-inspiring structure, a testament to Spanish Renaissance art and design, boasts a rich history dating back to the 16th century. The cathedral's peaceful courtyard and serene atmosphere provide a perfect escape from the bustling city. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, Granada Cathedral promises a rewarding and memorable experience.

Things to know before booking your tickets to Granada Cathedral

Take guided tours

  • Take guided tours: Consider taking a guided tour for a more in-depth understanding of the cathedral's history and architecture.
  • Photography rules: Some sections of the cathedral may have restrictions on photography, especially using flash.
  • Watch out for special events: Be aware of any special events or religious ceremonies that might affect visitor access during your planned visit.
  • Accessibility constraints: Certain parts of the experience may not be accessible for people with reduced mobility. Please refer to your tickets for additional information. 
  • Dress code: The Granada Cathedral is a sacred location, and it's a good idea to dress conservatively when you visit the Cathedral. Uncover your head when you enter the cathedral as well. 

Why visit Granada Cathedral?

Architectural marvel
  • Architectural marvel: The Granada Cathedral is a beautiful blend of architectural styles. The cathedral’s Renaissance-style dome perfectly complements its Gothic floor plan. This stunning amalgamation of different architectural styles has made the Granada Cathedral one of the most renowned monuments of Southern Spain. 
  • Rich history: The Granada Cathedral is built on the site of the Great Mosque, and is a living testimony to the end of the six centuries of Muslim dominance that gave way to the Catholic monarchs in the city. 
  • Artistic innovations: Many artistic innovations characterize the construction of Granada Cathedral. The piers of the Cathedral convey the impression of light and space whereas the whitewash lends an iridescent luminescence to the interiors of Granada Cathedral. 
  • Symbolism: Be it the main door of the Granada Cathedral or its stained glass windows, every part of the Granada Cathedral is steeped in symbolism and mythology.

Which Granada Cathedral ticket is best for you?

Tickets to Granada Cathedral with Audio Guide

If you are a history buff

Go for: Guided tours 

Duration: 1.5-5.5 hours

Access to Royal Chapel: Yes

Guide: Professional Tour Guide/ Audio Guide

  • Explore and learn about Granada Cathedral with guided tours.
  • A professional guide will tell you about the history, marvelous architecture, and hidden symbolism of Granada Cathedral. 

Recommended tours

1.5-Hour Guided tour of Granada Cathedral and Old Town

If you are a solo traveler

Go for: Small group tours

Duration: 1.5 hours

Access to Royal Chapel: No

Guide: Professional Tour Guide

  • Meet new people while exploring the Granada Cathedral in small groups of 8.
  • An expert guide will share interesting information about the Cathedral’s architecture and history. 

Recommended tours

Tickets to Granada Cathedral

If you are on a budget

Go for: Entry tickets

Duration: Flexible

Access to Royal Chapel: No

Guide: No

  • Enjoy entry to Granada Cathedral and spend time exploring the attraction, without worrying about your budget. 
  • You can take your time and decide the pace at which you want to explore Granada Cathedral. 

Recommended tours

Royal Chapel of Granada

If you want to explore beyond

Go for: Combo tours

Duration: 1.5-5.5 hours

Access to Royal Chapel: Yes

Guide: Professional Tour Guide/ Audio Guide

  • Go beyond Granada Cathedral and explore nearby attractions. 
  • A professional guide/audio guide will share information about the different attractions as you go around exploring them.

Recommended tours

Cancellation policy

You can cancel the 1.5-hour Guided tour tickets for Granada Cathedral 24 hours before the experience to get a full refund. All other Granada Cathedral tickets cannot be canceled or rescheduled.   

Explore Granada Cathedral

Royal Chapel
Side Chapels
The Cathedral Museum
Granada Cathedral

The famous Granada Cathedral is one of the most important monuments for Spanish Renaissance architecture in Southern Spain. The cupola, domed ceiling, and altar have been created innovatively and fascinatingly. Your tickets include access to the Granada Cathedral.  

Royal Chapel

Often referred to as Siloé’s masterpieces, the Royal Chapel is filled with symbolism and mythology. Its famous door, the Puerto del Perdón, is intricately designed and the other subjects of the Chapel represent the life, passion, and death of Jesus Christ. These stunning decorations are some of the most important works of the Spanish Renaissance era! However, only certain tickets such as the 2-hour and 5.5-hour guided tours of the Granada Cathedral include access to the Royal Chapel. 

Granada Cathedral - Side Chapels  - paintings

The side chapels of Granada Cathedral contain excellent altarpieces and paintings that simply can’t be missed! The presence of the side chapels is characteristic of a Gothic floor plan and seamlessly blends with the Renaissance architecture of the Cathedral. 

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum houses some interesting artifacts, including the original blueprints made by Diego de Siloé. Diego had a different design for the Granada Cathedral, but after his death, his original design underwent many changes. Eventually, the Granada Cathedral was constructed in a very different way from Siloé’s original drawing. 

What to see at Granada Cathedral?

The Cupola

The Cupola

The cupola, or dome of the Granada Cathedral is the most important part of the monument. The dome of the Cathedral is decorated with beautiful stained glass, sculptures, and paintings by Alonso Cano. It also has three gorgeous doors-Ecce Homo, San Jerónimo, and El Perdón.

Granada Cathedral main door - Puerto del Perdón

Puerto del Perdón

The Puerto del Perdón is the main door of Granada Cathedral and Siloé’s masterpiece. Siloé worked on the doorway from 1535 to 1538, and the exquisite craftsmanship of the door is a living testimony to Siloé’s genius as a sculptor, carpenter, and architect. 

Stained-Glass Windows

Stained-Glass Windows

The stained-glass windows of Granada Cathedral are full of complexity and symbolism. They are also extremely valuable pieces of art because of their scarcity and rarity. Rather than looking like paintings drawn on canvas, the paintings on the windows of Granada Cathedral appear like paintings on glass.

The Façade

The Façade

The main façade of Granada Cathedral was designed in 1667 by Alonso Cano, and features both Baroque and Gothic architectural elements. Some Baroque-inspired elements that can be seen on the façade are the oeil-de-boeuf windows and the ornamentation on top of the plaques and cartouches. 

Plan your visit to Granada Cathedral


Open from 10:00 AM to 8:15 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and bank holidays, Granada Cathedral opens from 3:00 PM to 6:15 PM. 

The Cathedral remains closed on 25th December and 1st January. 

Best time to visit: The spring and autumn seasons are the best times to visit Granada Cathedral. During this time, crowds are less and the weather is pleasant. 


Address: C. Gran Vía de Colón, 5, 18001 Granada, Spain. Find on maps

Getting there:

  • By bus: 4,8,11, 21, 33, C31, C32, C34, C30, C35

Nearest stop: Gran Vía and Plaza Isabel Católica. 

  • By taxi: Granada city center is closed to private transport, but taxis are allowed to circulate in the city center. 
Granada Cathedral entrance

The Granada Cathedral has three entrances-Ecce Homo, San Jerónimo, and El Perdón. El Perdón is the main entrance to Granada Cathedral. 

Wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible
Granada Cathedral online tickets
  • Purchase your tickets for Granada Cathedral online and in advance. 
  • Opt for guided tours of Granada Cathedral to learn more about the history and architecture of the attraction. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes during your visit to Granada Cathedral. 
  • You can take photographs and videos inside Granada Cathedral, as long as you are not disturbing the people who are praying. 
  • During prayers, mass, and other religious events, tourists are not permitted inside Granada Cathedral. 
  • Smoking is prohibited inside Granada Cathedral. 
  • Pets, except guide dogs, are not allowed inside Granada Cathedral. 
  • Uncover your head when you enter Granada Cathedral and dress appropriately since the attraction is a place of worship and sanctity. 
  • Children visiting Granada Cathedral must be accompanied by an adult. No running is permitted inside the cathedral as well. 
  • The best time to visit Granada Cathedral is during the spring and autumn season. 

Enjoy Spanish food
  • Restaurante Palacio Andaluz Almona: The restaurant offers delicious Moroccan specialties, refreshing homemade lemonade, and shisha/hookah. 
  • Taberna Al Pie de la Torre: Located near Granada Cathedral, Taberna Al Pie de la Torre is known for its traditional Spanish food, exceptional service, and affordable prices.  
  • Los Manuele Restaurant Catedrale: Conveniently located at the foot of Granada Cathedral, Los Manuele Restaurant Catedrales is known for its yummy dishes, great ambiance, and outstanding service. 
  • Papas Elvira: Papas Elvira is a counter-service restaurant that specializes in classic Moroccan comfort food and homemade cakes. 
  • Cacho and Pepe: Cachoe and Pepe is a small Italian outlet that serves sumptuous Italian cuisine, inspired by the recipes of grandmothers. You can also take cooking lessons at the restaurants.
Nasrid Palaces
  • Nasrid Palaces: Located 2.7 km away from Granada Cathedral, the Nasrid Palaces are three gorgeous palaces that are characterized by opulent Moorish-style courtyards, reception halls, and royal quarters. 
  • Monasterio de San Jerónimo: The Monasterio de San Jerónimo is 650 m away from Granada Cathedral. The monastery was constructed in the 1500s and has lavish decorated interiors and two-tier cloisters. 
  • Patio de Los Leones: Located 3.1 km away from Granada Cathedral, the Patio de Los Leones or the courtyard of the lions is renowned for its famous decorative fountains and water system.  
old town

Old Town

Delve into the intriguing past of Granada as you walk through the streets of the historic old town. From its charming squares and fragrant gardens to the hidden courtyards, the Old Town of Granada is a gem worth exploring. 



Alhambra is a military fortress that is one of the most famous monuments of Islamic architecture and one of the best-preserved palaces of historic Islam in Granada. 

Frequently asked questions about Granada Cathedral tickets

How much is a ticket to Granada Cathedral?

Tickets for Granada Cathedral start from €5 and go up to €75. The prices of Granada Cathedral tickets vary according to the different ticket options available and their respective inclusions. 

How to book tickets to Granada Cathedral?

You can purchase tickets for Granada Cathedral either online or at the attraction. Purchasing tickets online has many cost advantages. Online tickets are cheaper, you can choose from different offers and you can easily cancel these tickets for a full refund.

Why should I book Granada Cathedral tickets online?
  • Different options: You can choose from standard entry tickets, guided tour tickets, or combo tour tickets. Combo tour tickets let you club your visit to Granada Cathedral with other attractions. 
  • Convenience: Booking Granada Cathedral tickets online and in advance can help you get a better price. You can also choose the date and time that works best for you. 
  • Discounts and offers: You will find many discounts and offers for Granada Cathedral tickets online. These offers and discounts may not be available for offline purchases. 
  • Cancellation policy: Online tickets can easily be canceled to get a full refund. 
  • Guaranteed entry: Since online tickets are booked in advance, you are guaranteed admission to Granada Cathedral. During peak season, offline tickets may not be available, but this will not be the case for Granada Cathedral tickets that are purchased online.  
What do Granada Cathedral tickets include?

Standard entry tickets for Granada Cathedral only include access to the Cathedral. But if you purchase guided tour tickets you can get access to other attractions such as the Royal Chapel and the Alhambra. 

Do Granada Cathedral tickets allow entry to other attractions?

Combo tour tickets such as the 5.5-hour guided tour of Granada Cathedral, Royal Chapel, and the Alhambra include entry to other attractions. But standard entry tickets to Granada Cathedral don't give entry access to other attractions

What is the cancellation policy for Granada Cathedral tickets?

You can cancel the 1.5-hour guided tour Granada Cathedral tickets 24 hours before the experience begins to get a full refund. All other Granada Cathedral tickets can neither be canceled nor rescheduled. 

What are Granada Cathedral's opening hours?

Granada Cathedral is open from 10:00 AM to 8:15 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and bank holidays, Granada Cathedral is open from 3:00 PM to 6:15 PM.

How long does it take to complete a Granada Cathedral tour?

The duration of your Granada Cathedral tour depends on the kind of ticket you have purchased. Based on the Granada Cathedral tickets available, a complete tour of the attraction can take around 1-2 hours.