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tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-1
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-2
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-3
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-4
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-5
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-6
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-1
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-2
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-3
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-4
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-5
tickets to flamenco show at la alboreá-6

Tickets to Flamenco Show at La Alboreá

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  • Experience the mesmerizing magic of Tablao La Alboreá's 1-hour flamenco show, starring 4 renowned artists.
  • Get exclusive seating in a prime location, providing excellent views near the talented artists, and indulge in the captivating show.
  • Behold the awe-inspiring skills of nationally recognized professionals, Alicia Morales, Miguelón Núñez, Manuel Fernández, and Fermín, in a captivating spectacle.


  • Entry to 1-hour flamenco show
  • Reserved seating


  • Food and drinks
  • Tip: Pay close attention to the intricate footwork of the dancers. Flamenco is renowned for its complex and precise foot patterns, so observing the dancers' footwork can greatly enhance your appreciation of the art form.
  • Facilities: Wheelchair Accessibility, Pram/Stroller Accessibility, Buggy (available on prior request).
  • Note that the following are not allowed on this tour: tripod, food and beverages, flash photography.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Book Granada Flamenco Show Tickets 

Step into the heart of Andalusia and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of the Flamenco show in Granada. With its deep-rooted passion and captivating performances, Flamenco has long been an integral part of the city's cultural heritage. This page is your ultimate guide to discovering the magic of Granada's Flamenco scene, where talented musicians, dancers, and singers come together to ignite the senses and transport you to a realm of raw emotion and rhythmic brilliance.

All Your Flamenco Dance Show Ticket Options

Flamenco Dance Show

Flamenco Dance Show Tickets

These are the standard tickets for the show. They allow you to enter the venue and watch the performance.

Flamenco Dance Show

Skip The Line Tickets For Flamenco Dance Show

These tickets allow you to skip the line at the venue and head straight to your seats. This is a great option if you are short on time or if you don't want to have to wait in line.

Flamenco Dance Show

Combo Tickets Flamenco Dance Show

These tickets include admission to the Flamenco Dance Show as well as other attractions, such as a flamenco museum or a tapas crawl. This is a great option if you want to experience more of the flamenco culture.

Why You Should Visit Granada Flamenco Shows

Flamenco Dance Show
  • To experience the passion of flamenco. Flamenco is a passionate art form that is full of emotion. The dancers, singers, and guitarists pour their hearts and souls into their performances, and it is truly a sight to behold.
  • To learn about history and culture. Granada is one of the most important cities in flamenco history, and there are many tablaos (flamenco performance venues) where you can learn about the history and culture of this art form.
  • To enjoy the unique atmosphere. Flamenco shows are typically held in intimate settings, such as cave dwellings or tablaos. This creates a very special atmosphere that is perfect for experiencing flamenco.
  • To be entertained by some of the best flamenco artists in the world. Granada is home to some of the best flamenco artists in the world, and you are sure to be entertained by their performances.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Flamenco Dance Show Tickets? Book Online

  • Advance booking: You can book your tickets in advance, which ensures that you will get the seats you want. This is especially important if you are travelling to a popular destination and want to see a show that is in high demand.
  • Convenience: You can purchase tickets online from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option if you are short on time or if you don't want to have to deal with the hassle of going to a ticket office.
  • Discounts: You can often find discounts on tickets when you purchase them online. This is a great way to save money on your Flamenco Dance Show experience.
  • Free Cancellations: Many online ticket providers offer flexible cancellation policies, allowing you to make changes or cancel your reservation if needed. This flexibility provides peace of mind and ensures that you can adapt your plans accordingly.

Highlights of Granada Flamenco Shows

Flamenco Dance Show

The Passion and Expression of the Dancers

  • The dancers' passionate and expressive movements are sure to captivate you. From the intricate footwork to the powerful arm gestures, you'll be amazed by the skill and artistry of these performers.
  • Quirky fact: The dancers' movements are often inspired by the natural world, such as the wind, the rain, and the fire.
Flamenco Dance Show

The Haunting and Beautiful Sound of the Flamenco Guitar

  • The haunting and beautiful sound of the flamenco guitar will transport you to another world. The guitarist will weave a spellbinding melody that will leave you feeling enchanted.
  • Quirky fact: The flamenco guitar is a very versatile instrument. It can be used to create a wide range of sounds, from the softest whispers to the loudest cries.
Flamenco Dance Show

The Vibrant Energy of the Performance

  • The vibrant energy of the performance is sure to get your heart racing. The dancers and musicians will work together to create a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Quirky fact: The flamenco dance is often said to be a form of prayer. The dancers use their movements to express their deepest emotions, such as love, loss, and joy.
Flamenco Dance Show

The Traditional Costumes of the Dancers

  • The traditional costumes of the dancers are a sight to behold. The women wear colorful dresses with elaborate lacework, while the men wear tight-fitting suits with ruffled shirts.
  • Quirky fact: The traditional flamenco costume is said to have originated in the 18th century. The women's dresses were originally made from black fabric, but they were later switched to brighter colors to make them more eye-catching.
Flamenco Dance Show

The Sense of Tradition that Permeates the Show

  • The sense of history and tradition that permeates the show is truly unique. You'll feel like you're stepping back in time as you watch the dancers perform.
  • Quirky fact: Flamenco is a centuries-old art form that has its roots in Andalusia, Spain. The dance is a blend of Moorish, Gypsy, and Christian influences.
Flamenco Dance Show

Learn About the History and Culture of Flamenco

  • In addition to being a great night of entertainment, the Flamenco Dance Show is also a great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of flamenco. The performers will often take breaks between dances to explain the different styles of flamenco and the significance of the various symbols and gestures.
  • Quirky fact: The word "flamenco" is thought to come from the Arabic word "fellah", which means "peasant". This is because flamenco was originally a dance performed by the peasantry of Andalusia.
Flamenco Dance Show

Unique and Authentic Spanish Cultural Experience

  • The Flamenco Dance Show is a truly unique and authentic Spanish cultural experience. You'll get to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of Spain all in one place.
  • Quirky fact: The Flamenco Dance Show is often said to be the "soul of Spain". This is because flamenco is a deeply personal and expressive art form that reflects the rich culture and history of Spain.

Plan Your Visit to Flamenco Shows in Granada

Getting there
Food & Drinks
Nearby Attractions
Flamenco Dance Show
  • Shows typically start at 8:00 PM and last for about an hour.
  • Some tablaos also offer matinee shows at 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM.
Flamenco Dance Show
  • The tablaos in Granada are located in the Sacromonte neighborhood, which is a beautiful area with stunning views of the Alhambra.
  • You can get to the Sacromonte by car, bus, or taxi.
  • If you are driving, there is a parking lot near the tablaos.
  • If you are taking the bus, the C3 bus goes to the Sacromonte.
  • The taxi fare from the city center to the Sacromonte is about €10.
Flamenco Dance Show
  • The tablaos in Granada typically have a bar and a restaurant.
  • You can purchase drinks and food before or after the show.
  • Some tablaos also have a dance floor, so you can dance the night away after the show.
Flamenco Dance Show
  • The tablaos in Granada are generally accessible to people with disabilities.
  • There are usually ramps and elevators available.
  • If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact the tablao directly.
Flamenco Dance Show
  • La Taperia: This tapas bar offers a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas.
  • El Botijo: This restaurant serves delicious Andalusian cuisine.
  • La Cava: This wine bar has a wide selection of Spanish wines.
Flamenco Dance Show
  • Please be respectful of other guests during the performance.
  • No flash photography is allowed during the performance.
  • Please do not bring food or drinks into the venue.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.
Flamenco Dance Show
  • Alhambra: This world-famous palace is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain.
  • Capilla Real: This royal chapel is the final resting place of the Catholic Monarchs.
  • Generalife: This beautiful palace and gardens are located in the same complex as the Alhambra.
  • Sacromonte: This neighbourhood is known for its caves, which were once used by flamenco artists.

Visitor Tips

  • Book in Advance: Granada's Flamenco shows are in high demand, particularly during busy seasons. To ensure you don't miss out on the experience, make your reservations ahead of time.
  • Arrive Early: Arriving early allows you to choose better seats and soak in the ambiance of the venue. Plus, you'll avoid the last-minute rush and ensure a more relaxed start to the show.
  • Opt for Intimate Venues: Look for Flamenco shows in smaller, more intimate venues. These settings offer a more authentic and immersive experience, allowing you to feel closer to the performers and the art form.
  • Respect the Artists: During the performance, refrain from talking or using your phone. Show respect for the artists and fellow audience members, as Flamenco is all about creating an intimate and focused atmosphere.
  • Embrace the Emotion: Flamenco is an art of raw emotion and expression. Allow yourself to be carried away by the passion and intensity of the performers, connecting with the soul-stirring melodies and movements.
  • Dress Comfortably: While there's no strict dress code, wearing comfortable attire will enhance your enjoyment of the show. You may find yourself tapping your feet or clapping along with the rhythm.
  • Capture Memories Respectfully: Photography and videography policies vary among venues. If allowed, be discreet and respectful when taking pictures to avoid disrupting the performers or other attendees.
  • Stay for the Entire Show: To truly appreciate the narrative and progression of the performance, try to stay for the entire duration of the show. The experience is crafted to evoke a range of emotions, building up to a powerful climax.
  • Interact with Locals: Engage with the locals to learn more about the Flamenco culture in Granada. They may have valuable insights, recommendations, or personal stories to share.
  • Support Local Artists: Many Flamenco shows feature talented local artists. By attending these performances, you contribute to the preservation and continuation of this rich cultural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Granada Flamenco Shows

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a traditional Spanish art form that encompasses singing (cante), dancing (baile), guitar playing (toque), and handclaps (palmas). It's an expressive and passionate art form deeply rooted in Andalusian culture.

Where can I see Flamenco shows in Granada?

Flamenco shows are held in various venues across Granada, including tablaos (Flamenco bars), theatres, and cultural centres. Albaicín and Sacromonte neighbourhoods are famous for their authentic Flamenco performances.

How long do Flamenco shows usually last?

Flamenco shows in Granada typically last around 1 to 1.5 hours, with some performances extending to 2 hours. The duration may vary depending on the venue and the program.

Do I need to book tickets in advance?

It's advisable to book your Flamenco show tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. This ensures you secure your spot and allows you to choose preferred seating.

Can I take photos or videos during the show?

Some venues may allow discreet photography without flash, but it's essential to respect the policies and the performers' concentration. Silence your phone and avoid any disruptions.

Is there a specific dress code for Flamenco shows?

There is no strict dress code, but casual and comfortable attire is recommended. Dressing up a bit adds to the enjoyment, and you may find yourself clapping or tapping your feet to the rhythm.

Can children attend Flamenco shows?

Yes, Flamenco shows are family-friendly, and children are welcome. Some venues may have age restrictions or offer discounted tickets for kids.

Are there any Flamenco shows with dinner included?

Yes, some venues offer dinner packages along with Flamenco shows. These packages usually include a set menu featuring Spanish dishes.

Is tipping customary after a Flamenco show?

Tipping is not mandatory, but it's appreciated if you enjoyed the performance. You can leave a tip for the performers or staff as a gesture of gratitude for the experience.

Can I join in and dance or sing during the show?

Flamenco shows are typically professional performances, but some tablaos may invite audience participation in the form of clapping (palmas) or encouraging cheers (jaleo).

Can I purchase Flamenco show tickets on the day of the performance?

While it is possible to buy tickets on the day of the show, it is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak seasons. Popular shows may sell out quickly, and booking ahead ensures you secure your spot and preferred seating.

Are Flamenco show tickets refundable if I need to cancel my reservation?

Refund policies may vary depending on the venue or ticketing platform. Some tickets may be refundable with a certain notice period, while others may have a no-refund policy. It's essential to check the specific terms and conditions before making your reservation to understand the cancellation and refund options available.